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As for the car, figured id give a bit more detail. Bought the Clio as a downgrade from a Polo GTI (it was relatively stock, just running 210hp tune and a few bushes/mounts stiffened up) in an effort to free up extra cash for investments.


'03 Clio Sport 172 p2, 122k on the clock. I'm third owner, with the original owner only selling it 12 months ago (he was an elderley chap).

Stock other than aftermarket yum-cha 16" wheels (which I recently resprayed black) and Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tyres.

I've sinced fitted a Richbrook polished gear knob.

Have also sprayed the brakes in Renault F1 yellow.


The plan is to keep her relatively stock, just attend to the bits that need doing (aux belt, plugs and leads, engine mounts, tie rod ends, maybe lambda sensor). Will need to replace the rims at some point too (both rear wheels are very slightly buckled). Essentially I just wanted something that was cheap thrills to be the new daily hack.


Here are some quick and nasty iPhone pics... once I get her washed and polished i'll give her a propper photoshoot.









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Pefer the Clio... and welcome aboard.
Cheers mate.


Yeah, both cars have their strengths and weaknesses. I wouldn't say one is better than the other, as you can't compare them as they are so different IMO.


I'd compare the Clio to my old Mx5 ('99 10AE, Brown Davis cage, full suspension setup etc.), it's a raw sports car that gives up comfort and tractability around town for a brilliant raw driving experience.


The Polo GTI isn't anywhere near as involving or fun around a mountain, but makes perfect sense for a fun daily driver/work hack.


For the price, the Clio has been fantastic... the most fun for the least cash I came across, hence the purchase 8)

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