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Questions about how the forum works


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Hi all,


I haven't been here for long, but i was wondering if i could get some answers to the following questions:


1. Can i receive alerts to notify me of replies to boards i have posted on? I had a look around the user control panel, and couldn't find anything like this functionality. This would help me track any conversations i have been having on the forum.


2. Can i sort threads by the last reply date? This would make it far easier to see the most recent posts, rather than trying to trawl through each page view searching for a recent date.


Any ideas?




P.S. Still looking for a Clio RS in victoria. There isn't much new activity on carsales at the moment. /me waits patiently.

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I prett much only use the 'View active topics' button - top left. That's all chronological 8)


You can get notifications for sections (eg any new posts in 'for sale') but not sure about individual threads. I'm sure an admin can help here :wink:

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Active Threads is pretty much the only place I go.


There is one exception... because the for sale section needs threads to be approved, they can often appear AFTER the threads you have read, so you miss them. This is because (I think, this is my theory anyway) the act of approving an item for sale does not bump it up the list of active topics.

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