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classified conditions


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I agree with the classifieds.


If i had a for sale item that was cheap, had seen on the web, or another car for sale where would be an appropriate place to post the offending item?


Given that i am not the owner or directly selling the item where should it go?

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Good question.


The idea behind the Classifieds section is to benifit the OzRS members. So we are doing a few changes to enhance the classifieds. Not all the changes are finished, so in the meantime carry on as per usual.


Mainly trying to cut down on guess who ads - e.g. OP "I have a Clio for sale!", then people asking how much, where, kms, etc. Nice to remind people what's needed in an ad. Also people joining just to sell cars and people making money off the forum.


We'd welcome any questions/queries regarding the classifieds section. Also any feedback/advice in this time of change.





(on behalf of the Admin team)

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