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Project / Modification thread


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Some discussion over blog / project theads in the "Post up your mods" thread.


Intial chats over a thread per user / car to document modificaitons done over that period.

Kind of like those that have occured on here


Gambit - project X

Steve Allmark - Clio prep thread (cant remember thread title)


Could either go into a diff subsection or members ride.


Option to have responses/discussion on modifications (needs to keep on topic or split out) OR

Only inital poster to have ability to add to thread.



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you could go one better then that..

by adding a gararge to the fourm similar to whats on http://www.netrider.net.au

every user could enter in all their mods to their car, ect..

and for all the mods you could add prices, who fitted it, and end user review for each mod.


and you could also use the car info under the avatar for each user..

Cheers Joel.

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Could we morph the members rides section into this? Or do you want to be able to post into eveybody's threads, Chris? :booty:


Yeah yeah i got the picture from Mr EB2 the other day!


I think morphing the Members ride section could be a great thing, not sure what it would involve... Bremund? :P

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