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Megane 225 ECU not compatible with bigger injectors


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Hi guys, tuner has informed me that my particular Meg 225 happens to have ECU that can’t scale bigger fuel load with bigger injectors, so I’m on the hunt for a replacement set of ECUs and bits to fit to get this working! Namely 

steering ECU


And the fuel ECU. 

does anyone have any of these bits for sale, or can confirm if I need a set from a ph2 or r26 for this to work? Or should I just try my luck with any other 225 set and see how it goes? 

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Card readers are universal in the 225's they aren't coded per se. Do you actually have a 225 cause ph1 and ph2 both can be tuned with fuel on the factory ECU.

Don't know who the tuner you are using is but a lot of them don't know how to tune the SAGEM ECU properly, it took a few years for the folks in the UK to crack them back in the day.

Not sure what state you are in but if Camden is the VIC one people usually suggest Underground Performance/eTuners/Auto Paris as the better local options. Best option is RSTuner though, over the internet but done by the best Renault Tuner in the UK.

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I’m in NSW. It’s a 225. Tuner has mentioned to me it’s happened a handful of times where the earlier models have an ECU that won’t scale, he has successfully tuned ph2 and r26s 


anyway I’ve got a set on it’s way to me from the UK now it appears this is the best solution going forward. 

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