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Lazy 2014 Red Bull Rb8 Owner


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Hi All,


I bought my Renault Red Bull 265 RB8 in July 2014 but have just taken ages to get my ass in gear and onto this forum. Someone gave me a card about 6 months ago, that's how useless I've been!


I'm originally from the UK and used to be the owner of a White, full spec Renault Clio 197 Sport, 2008 plate before relocating to Perth, Australia in Jan 2012.


Due to the heightened car prices here, took me a while to get on my feet and get back to the car I love :).


Looking forward to meeting some fellow owners in the WA!  

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Here you go, a few before I left her in the UK :'-(. 


Even though I love my RS265, there was just something about this 197 that I absolutely loved to bits. It was just so much fun, all the time. I think as well, because I had to leave it and unfortunately didn't have the choice to bring it to Aus with me, I felt a little bit of remorse for leaving it...


It also came with a custom Miltec exhaust system - nothing over the top but just increased the sound to a lovely level, especially mid to high revs. 






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