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Possible Rs 250 Cup Trophee Owner


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G'day to everyone here. I'm think of buying a 2011 RS 250 Cup Trophee but just needed to find out from current owners what the standard clutch is like.


In the one I drove the clutch takeup/release position was very close to the floor and it had a extremely short throw. Almost like it was a button clutch. Now I've never driven a car with a button clutch but that's how it felt. The clutch pressure itself wasn't very heavy, I have a Evo 6 with a heavy clutch on it and that takes a bit of pushing to get it down and keep it down.


Unfortunately driving these days it's all mountain twists and turns and long open stretches of open highways more than likely it's start stop traffic. So if the car I drove has a standard clutch the commute to and from work is going to be a bitch.








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