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Greetings To All!


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Hi all,


I'm in the process of buying a clio rs 172 (2000-2005). Only looking at the moment, getting a feel for what's out there. I've been following numerous forums on this site and I'm utterly amazed at the amount of info and resources at hand. It seems like a closely knit community as well, really good to see.


I was curious if anyone has seen or knows much about this rs currently for sale on gumtree. Had a look at it last week, the exterior seems to be in good knick, but because it has no logbooks, I'm concerned about the mechanics, and in particular, if the 'dreaded' timing belt service is up to date. Couldn't take it for a drive, as they apparently lost the keys. I'm planning on getting an inspection done by a renault specialist after I do take it for a spin and if it drives well.


Thanks in advance for any info.




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Thanks for the post,


True, I wouldn't be paying $3980 that's for sure, if the timing belt were to be done. I had a chat to Julian from Renotech this arvo about getting an inspection. I'd want to drive the car first though, and then take it from there.


Thanks again

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I don't know the car but Renotech have a very good reputation on here, so an inspection by them sounds like a good option.


The steering wheel looks like it may be fairly worn, which is common. You can get them retrimmed in real leather without too much trouble though.

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I know, I"ve never dealt personally with Renotech, but I've read countless positive comments and feedback about them.

I've come to realise that many of these clios suffer from the same steering wheel issue. The car's roof lining is also sagging (not visible).

I got a quote the other day from a local upholsterer for $330. He said that some European model's roof lining takes longer to remove and install, compared to japanese models, hence the higher cost.

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