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RS265 808 Trophy hit by Taxi


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Firstly, Hi All. I'm new here and found you by searching for help with my RS265. I hope someone here can help. BTW great site and thanks in advance.


I was hit in the rear by a Taxi which has caused some damage that I believe is chassis rail. I also think that the car should have been a statutory write off due to the damage. Subsequently, the insurance company has requested the vehicle to be repaired.


I have asked the repairer to provide me the Dimensional and Geometric measurements pre and post repairs so I can be sure that they have repaired the vehicle in line with the Renault manufacturer dimensions and limits.

The problem I have is Renault appears reluctant to provide me these specifications. Can anyone advise me on where I can get my hands on the manufacturer repair guidelines and the manufacturer dimensions and limits.


Thank you and I would really appreciate your help. I cant put my kids back in this car knowing the chassis integrity has been compromised.


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