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Hello 172 owner

Mighty Mod

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hi guys yesterday I bought my first Clio sport 172 2003 model, firstly I want to say that I was blown away with the power from this car the power just kept increasing to the limit fantastic!! :hail:


Has a few issues that I hope aren't too big a fix a/c not working washer bottle leaking, electric mirror switch broke off.


Looking forward to meeting up with some other Sydney forum members share some of your expertise (I'm parramatta area)


David :dance:

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I think you can order a new washer bottle pretty cheaply.

A/C, start with if it's got gas I guess. TC(IIRC?) Valves seem a common leakage point.

Mirror switch I'd probably try e-bay for a new one.


The Sydney guys have pizza nights and large drive days so keep your eye out.

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Ok thanks wade, I think this one you can adjust the height I hope because 1 faces really high so I bet it would be annoying other drivers.

I think the self levelling is not working as well sat in the back of the car the passanger light didn't move but the right was moving up down a little constantly.

If I take the bar off I mite as well change the Spottie globes to a nicer white look

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