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rusty nail

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I've been cruising the phpbb site and we can plug just about anything we ever wanted into this place...


off the top of my head i was thinking a hit counter could go nicely with a calendar and a gallery...


Apart from having no idea on computer programming/web stuff outside of frontpage and only a couple of seconds to spare... i'll have a crack if one of the powers that be lets me in the back door...


As this is a community site, and whilst PaulD and Static have gone beyond the call of duty setting it all up i think the rest of us need to look at stepping up and helping out... especially seeing as we're making the press now and have flash looking cards!


So where are the closet computer geeks... there has to be plenty out there just rolling around to summer uni holidays or some such who feel like pumping out some phpbb gear!


c'mon hands up... 8)

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i am by no means a computer geek, but i have moderated on plenty of forums like these and am down with that very simple side of it all.


i also do abit of corel draw with my inudstrial design course, so if ther eis anyhint ther ei can help with.


programming and sh*t like that i have never done... so i imagine i would be pretty crap at it.


but if there is anything i can do let me know :)

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