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Brisbane Newbie - Megane RS250 Cup Trophee

Baugetti Veyron

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Hi All,


I purchased a RS250 Cup Trophee (White & Black Wheels) a few months ago, after thinking I was going to buy a GTI or JCW mini (both test driven multiple times). Was on our way to the VW dealership in Brisbane when i learnt there was a renault dealership in town, and thought I might aswell give it a look. A test drive later and I couldn't walk away from it. Bought that day. :D


Thought I'd join the site to gain a bit for information about what I'm driving. And also to sing its praises. Started to notice the odd few RS250's round brisbane, and wondering if anyone knew of track days or meets.

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Hi mate. A few us do some of the Sprint events at either Queensland Raceway, or Lakeside Park, either through Time Attack or "Queensland Raceways."

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The "Queensland Raceways" one happens about, twice a month one at QR and one at Lakeside. Time Attack does events in between, and others such as "Japanese Nationals" etc..


The Time Attack group I think is a little more serious, where as the Raceways events aren't serious at all. You don't need any major safety equipment. Just long sleeves and pants and a helmet. There are a fair few beginners on road spec tyres; there's also a really good trainer there - Doug Chapple.


Here's Doug with one of the members on here FuRyZ around Lakeside in his RS250, to get a feel.


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