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g'day :)


new member here, thought i'd introduce myself!


live in the brisbane inner city, bought a silver phase II 172 last month, have been fanging around in it and am quite happy with my purchase :) it's a comfy little thing. car is stock and will be staying that way.. had enough with unreliable modified sh*tboxes! only mods might be a new set of front speakers and quite possibly a new air freshener.


have owned a pulsar sss and a mazda 323 turbo in the past.. the renault is like a newer, smaller more luxo sss.. i like it! :)


have noticed that people on this forum have had bad experiences with metro nissan @ lutwyche.. where do people recomend taking their renault for servicing? ive got the 60k service next up.. owwch.


i have a few things i should get checked out by warranty.. get a weird exhaust rattle/resonance at about 6,000rpm when i have a bit of left lock wound on.. also have a weird clunk from the rear end every now and then... i'd rather not drive down to springwood if possible, but that's the only other renault place in briso isnt it? isnt there anywhere that does servicing in the valley?




- dan

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