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  1. Hello all, I bit the bullet and got one...

    Hopefully I'll own my 3rd clio in the next few weeks, so expect to see more of it soon! .
  2. Hello all, I bit the bullet and got one...

    Fastest car I ever owned in a straight line (and still own, long term project) was an Extend port Rx3. But the Clio would be quicker round the corners (and on a track), has the brakes as the best point (not the worst) and is a great car to live with on a daily basis.
  3. Hobart Newbie need advice/help

    The main reason I got a clio is i'm on a budget and thought and clio was the value car for around $10k. The main other cars I was thinking about were 180/200sx, but didn't really want a turbo (replacing it for $3k at 120k+ didn't appeal to me) and the clio's were newer/lower kms, so I got the renault. After 1 year of owner ship i dont regret it at all, iv'e had minimal problems and it's running well. And as for being slower than a 180sx, iv'e taken on 2 (both were modified, mines stock) and won once and lost once. (Modified Nissan turbos - 1, Stock RSC - 2 ) Also Renault owns Nissan or vise vera, so its a Nissan either way (Sorry renaultphile's but I come from a family of Nissanian's).