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Clio RS 0-100 times on Rs monitor

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Clio 2017 RS Cup. Some days after work about 1am I turn on RS monitor take the long windy way home then test my 0-100 times. That's my fun in Chairman Dan's Victoria. Entrance to freeway pull off and test my 0-100 with launch control. Best time is 6.2sec average about 6.3 on standard Dunlop tyres. Yes road is flat, is rs monitor accurate? What are others getting.

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My one is a regular sport model, thus no RS monitor to test this, but I'm also curious what are some real world 0-100 numbers on stock RS Clios;

What mode do you use to get the best numbers, sport or race? Auto or manual mode? 

The fastest tested number online with proper equipment (don't know how accurate RS monitor data really is) that I've seen is ph1 2014 Clio cup with 6.6 seconds;

for some reason, all the ph2 Clios tested a bit slower 

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I found the best times were in Sport mode in Auto. Still getting a bit too much wheel spin with traction control on. Did notice that GPS says 100kmh but Rs monitor says 97kmh. Can't wait to try it with Michelin tyres.

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