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Cam belt or cam chain

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Newbie here, been on the market for my first Reno. Looking at a 2014 Meg RS 265 cup trophy premium. Bloody amazing to drive. The for mentioned car I am looking at has approx 200,000 km's and although looks a bit shabby would clean up well. Has a loacl Reno service history but not mention of timming belt. The owners was told by the service centre it has a cam chain not a belt. I have read this else where but I can not understand why the factory would make some RS with belts then some with chain? Given the km's I am unsure how to proceed. Would I be better to look for a lower km car? From a drive point of view the car is perfect. 

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Belt not chain, and if it’s cheap enough 200,000 km is fine as long as the price allows for a belt change and the k’s

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