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Manual Learner???


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1 hour ago, sorrynoname said:


Looking at buying a 265 Cup in manual. Only problem is that I am an extreme noob in the manual transmission. I’ve only ever learnt a few times on my mates Evo IV. 


Would the 265 be too aggressive for me to learn? Or is it pretty easy to drive as far as manual transmission goes?



Buy one then go do a driving course 

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I bought mine as a relatively inexperienced manual driver - I did own an MGB GT for a couple of years, but the clutch and gearbox was so wildly different to my RS265 that it might as well have been a spaceship. 

I don't find it a struggle at all, and that's in Auckland where we have a million steep hills (i.e., need to do very frequent hill starts). You'll be sweet, just give it a few warm up drives at night or early morning to get a feel for it before you tackle heavy traffic.


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Go get a clapped out 1.4 or 172 for a $1000 to $2000 and trash it for three months. Learning how to change gears and not ride clutch. Should work out cheaper than doing a gearbox or a clutch change in the first three months of your 265

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