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Are these wheels too big ?. 17" 40 profile.


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Great wheels!

Now you just need to lower the suspension to match...

Then get new dampers to match the springs...

Then get a roll centre adjustment kit...

Then change the final drive ratio to adjust the gearing...

Well that’s how I think!

p.s. I’m full of it! I’ve got so many ideas for my car and haven’t done one!

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They look good. I had 17s on my Clio 172 too, back in the day.

Btw, if you do get Koni Yellows and Eibach springs per above (the typical Clio aftermarket setup), you will find there's slight rubbing at full lock in one direction, right hand turns from memory...

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17 hours ago, Lumberjack said:

Too big IMO. I wouldn't go bigger than 16 inch on a ph1/ph2. Individual taste though, if you love the wheels keep them.

Agreed - too big

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Thanks for your replys.

After having these wheels for a few months now I think they affect performance.

As such I think performance is the most important thing with a 172/182,

so I'm going to buy 16" lightweight forged wheels,

I like the look of SSR type C wheels because they look solid and I like the ease of cleaning.

Odly these don't affect the speedo as I've measured the speed on a gps (phone and tom-tom).

Not planing on lowering the car, I've had lowered cars before (starlet GT, Paseo, Falcon GT) and there too harsh.

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On 13/01/2019 at 7:22 AM, jarrres said:

Odly these don't affect the speedo as I've measured the speed on a gps (phone and tom-tom).

They are affecting the speedo, but they are correcting the error in the stock system.

IME the 172 with stock wheels and tyres the speedo should be out by about 5 km/h at 60 (that is, need to sit the needle on about 65 indicated to do 60 km/h on the ground) about 10 km/h at 100. If you have cruise control fitted the error on the digital read-out is only about 2 and 4 km/h (set 82 to do 80 on the ground, set 104 to do 100 on the ground) so there is about 2 km/h to 4 km/h error in the speedo circuitry, and another 3 to 6  km/h in the analog meter. Ground speed is checked with Harry's Lap Timer on an iPhone.

I've had two 172s (one with ESP) and the error has been identical in both.

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