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Clio 197 vs Clio 200


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Not an expert, but given no other answers are up yet, I can tell you what I remember - 197 is older, 3hp less, and I think lighter. I'm pretty sure the 197 came with cup suspension. I think there may be some differences with seats (some came with Recaro sportster CS seats) and keyless entry etc but I'm not 100% sure. I'm sure the 200 cup trophee came with bixenon lights.

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Some 200's came with Recaro's. The only 197 that had Recaro was the R27 and they all did.

200 quicker steering rack, something like 10%. +

200 cup chassis. Stiffer than a 197. +

200 - most later ones had keyless entry, RS monitor, bluetooth for phone calls, music etc. +

200 different nose and diffuser treatment. Matter of opinion....

200 has reach adjustment on steering wheel. +

Different engine tune. Not that different IMO. +

Check the specs on any car you look at carefully to see what it's got (or hasn't) :smile2: Both great cars, but the 200 has the edge. Some 197's getting really cheap now.

A lot of used Clio 3's have never had a belt change :44:  Allow $1100 for that.

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200 has shorter gear ratios 1-3

18's on Red Bull 

18's, matte paint and full leather Recaros on Angel & Demon

Supposedly much more torque down low due to different cylinder head, different camshafts(more lift/duration) and ecu tune on 200

Projector headlights with cornering lights on some 200, not xenon though.

Special trim on 200 Gordini, leather seats but not Recaro and no keyless/push button

Standard rear hatch lip on Angel & Demon, Red Bull.

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