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Hello fellow Renaulters


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Nice to see a community about an engineering masterpiece agreed ? 

I have a 2013 Renault Megane RS265 Cup and I’ll tell you a funny story on how I acquired this gem...

I was looking for a reliable, powerful sleek hatchback that doesn’t have a Volkswagen badge, I was tossing up between a Ford Focus ST or a Abarth.

Until one day I was watching the Italian Grand Prix when a feature car was shown going around the track, and what do you know, it’s a Megane Trophy-R on Cup 2 tyres ripping around the coners, I was taken back on the sheer grunt of the engine noise and how the car handles around the corners taking understeer like a champ, props to the Cup 2 tyres for keeping the grip planted at all times, I guess that’s what you get for $500 a tyre.


After that stint I looked into Renault Meganes for a while but didn’t realize I was looking at the Megane GTs, as much as they are a great car, it wasn’t the one I was looking for. Not long after I saw that RS option, as I was looking through the cars available, one caught my eye.


It was a white Megane RS265 with red details, aftermarket sprayed roof with heated RS leather seats. But something was off, it only has 2,000kms on it.... How can a 5 year old car have such little kms???? 

We went to check out the car and the guy was a bit sketchy to be honest, we met in a street at an industrial area and the car was there waiting for us. It was beautiful, and in pristine condition.

Everything was working besides the battery, when I was taking the car for a test drive I stalled it and the battery died, the reason for the battery dying was because the car wasn’t charged properly, the car wasn’t used enough for the battery to be in good health. So I thought it was odd that a young guy with a sports car barely put any Kms on and and doesn’t drive it enough to charge the battery ?? Odd right?? 

So I did my research and discovered that the Megane was actually a demo model for a dealer for 4 years, and the car was only recently bought and sold to the guy I was buying it off.

So after the revs check and history research I decided to take a risk and buy it.. for $19,000

What a Bargain!!! And till this day after 1year of owning it, the car has been flawless and is an absolute gem!!! 


p.s it’s still in pristine condition I wash and wax it every week !,...


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