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A new convert


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Hi all,


I am new to the world of RenaultSport, but I've driven a couple of offerings in the last few weeks and I'm keen to join the Renault-owning club. I'm looking at 182s at the moment, and while it might be presumptuous to ask questions straight away in my first post, could anybody recommend a good mechanic in Adelaide that could take a look at prospective vehicles? I've heard of Wright Street Auto, and they seem to generally have a good reputation, but I was wondering whether there are any other specialists that would be better-suited.


Thanks all, and I hope to join the club in vehicular ownership as well as in online presence soon.

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Sorry I can't help you with a specific mechanic to inspect a vehicle for you, but welcome to the forum. And hope to see you cruising the Hills sometime soon. RS cars are made for the roads around here

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@Deet Cheers for the welcome - you're right about the RSs being well-suited to the roads. I had a look at one a couple of months ago and the owner demonstrated its capability on a drive up to Windy Point - they can certainly keep speed up through the corners...

@SamR Good to hear that they retain their charm - I've driven a couple now, and apart from some minor quality issues (i.e. the steering wheel falling apart), I can see that it would be a car that you could enjoy for a long time.

@Iconic83 Thanks for the tip - I can't see the ad any more, but am I correct in assuming that it was the black 182 in Plympton (~65K kms)? If so, you're right that it was a bargain - I missed it by a few hours, and it was on sale for less than a day.


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