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RS265 or RS250?


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I'm looking to join you as an RS owner - upgrading from a 1992 Honda Legend and a 1972 MGB GT, so should be quite the eye opener. I'm hoping to get opinions on a couple of cars that I'm tossing up between:

RS250 - https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1646554803
RS265 - https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1820015884

I've read conflicting reports about the 250 vs the 265 - some say the 265 is basically exactly the same but with a couple of minor cosmetic tweaks, whereas some say the 265 is basically far more evolved. 

My main question would be is it worth spending the extra $8k or so it'd take to get the 265 over the 250, and if anyone has any comments on either of those two cars then it'd be much appreciated.



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my concern about the 250 is that the advert says it's had 4 owners already but only done 59,000 km ? - a different owner every 15,000 km seem a bit strange.......

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The 265 is the facelift model ad is 2014, so may well have warranty left if the NZ warranty situation was the same as here in Aus.  Plus the 265 has the R Link 2, which gives the SatNav and the reverse camera etc.. not available on the 250.

Overall, I'd be inclined to go with the newer car for the price differential - with both at similar kms.  Either way, both will be huge fun on some of those twisty Kiwi roads you guys have over there.

Welcome to the forum, and enjoy whatever RS you get!

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I've looked into the 4 owner situation on the 250, and turns out 2 of them were dealers so not as bad as it initially looked.

Very tempted by the 265 but $8k is a fair whack of change... I guess the good news is it seems like there isn't a wrong answer!

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FWIW - I owned an RS250 for several years.

I've driven all models and the 275 had the most noticeable performance difference.

265 and 250 are similar in terms of actual driving performance on roads where you can open them right up.

I'd focus on the model specs and go from there, if you like sport seats get a Trophee that include a few extras like xenon and a slightly better stereo and proximity keys.

However, there's many dealer upgraded 250 models like mine that had identical specs to a Trophee but without the recaro seats.

There's also the GP model but that white isn't my thing.

I'd be more focussed on something with a good service history and I'd have it professionally inspected even though these cars are fairly reliable.


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