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Howdy guys 👋


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Hey guys, I’m about to pull the trigger on a Clio 197 f1/200 or a 265 megane (consider immac 250). Will be for me and my 12yo daughter to teach her how to drive a manual & do motorkhanas in. I have a super quick evo x track weapon so want to keep this as a 90% road car (must resist!) Few criteria’s;

Gotta have the Recaro CS Seats (really do love that sunroof but not essential)

Prefer 18in wheels.

Other than exhaust and stage 1 no major modifications wanted.

Really prefer less than 100k kms (unless country/highway kms.

Be in pretty good nick & come from a loving owner (ocd kicks in hard!)

Budget 10-18k depending!?

Any advice or hidden cars for sale would be appreciated!

Looking forward to chit chats & meeting some of you in future as I work part time for Driving Solutions instructing at SMSP eastern creek! Tootles 😉 


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I taught one of my daughters in a Clio and have another one in progress. Good learner car with good visibility all around.

If it's a Clio I'd go this https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Renault-Clio-2009/SSE-AD-5665941/?Cr=5

or this https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Renault-Clio-2012/SSE-AD-5610171/?Cr=9

I've owned an R27, 197 and 200. The R27 is super stiff. 197 stiff, 200 slightly more so. Not relying on the cars quoted spring/damper rates. Just going on my butt!

My tip... the LY one in Adelaide. Good luck with it either way!

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2 hours ago, chuckovski said:

It's sold - unsurprisingly, it was so cheap for what it was.

If you're interested in one without the Recaro Sportster CS seats I might know of one available with warranty but it's over the top end of your budget

I know the one. He kept dropping his price rapidly. Had the downpipe and tune.. Was a good buy but did have 80k+ kms..

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Sorry guys I’ve been very quiet 🤫 but all last week I was working long days at World Time Attack!

.........meanwhile during my lunch break and with the help n advice from @Safetyman 🙏  I bought the grey 265 trophy + from Melbourne. Should arrive any day now. It’s is in immaculate condition (apparently) as the previous owner had a severe case of OCD, love that! Only thing it does have some immaculate and unmarked steevas but I think I like & want the 18in tibors. Any for sale??

and thanks to all who contributed to my first post! 😉 

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1 hour ago, DOOOOK said:

Nice one! I didn’t realise you were on here. We met at the last DS Track Day and had a chat about you looking at a Megane in Melbourne. You’ll have to jump in at the next track day and give me a few pointers!

Oh now I that I know who u are of course! Yeah if I didn’t have my 2 seater evo I would’ve gotten the trophy 🏆 Rrrr 💯 % !

But so impressed with the trophy’s and let me tell you I’ve driven “ALOT” of different cars. Sure GT3s are much better and that goes with the price tag too!  Bang for buck you guys are on a “good thing”!

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