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Hey guys rs200 won't start after the accident


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Hey guys small cup rs won't start after the accident airbags have been deployed (turning freely) engine its not damaged even a radiors are functional.

some say reset airbag module some say fuel cut off button 

please help 

ps.anyone after a track car let me know its for sale or parts maybe 




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Check @Treza360 ride thread. There is an ecu that needs replaced after a crash. Might be that. It’s a single use item apparently and once triggered cuts the fuel pump

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Airbag computer/ecu has fuel shutoff in built and will need to be replaced and reprogrammed by dealer to clear any airbag lights. CLIP tool is needed. A generic OBD2 tool won't work.


Even if airbags and pretensioners haven't been deployed fuel cotoff is in this too. Older Clio 2s had a reset button the 3 doesn't.


Sorry to see the car like that (having just had a 6 month $15k rear end rebuild on mine).


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