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Hi all. We're intersted in a Clio 197. Wandering if there's anything  in particular we should have an eye out for. This particular one has just over 100,000ks with a full service history. Also it's still an original car. No mods.

Timing belt was replaced at 65k. Are they replaced at  every 60,000 or at 100,000.

Would greatly appreciate any advice

Has 6 months rego and will include a RWC. What sort of money should I be paying.  


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Have you got a link for the car?

Timing belt every 100,000 or 4 years whichever comes first.

I'd get any car you are interested in getting checked first by Paul at Auto Paris in box hill.

Generally they are pretty bullet proof. Maybe a synchro issue on the older cars.

What's the budget?

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Get it inspected before you buy. I got mine checked by alpine affaire in ringwood for 120.
Virage in South Melbourne also do inspections for similar money.

It's worth getting it checked so you can negotiate if there is anything that needs fixing.

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