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I just brought a 265 Trophy!


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Good morning all. 
Thought I’d say a quick hello, as I put down a deposit on a 265 trophy yesterday (my first ever Renault) and should be picking it up next weekend. 
I know that the VW and Focus drivers will now hate me ( and probably refuse to let me in front of them in traffic lol) But given it’s my first ever euro model car (previous cars were a AE82 Corolla twin cam and currently a Proton Satria GTI - so I really have jumped ship!) I’m gonna have questions, so when they do pop up, please be nice to the noob 😂
This is my new baby


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Nice mate and welcome. I had a Proton Satria Gti too, and what a nice little hatch it was. The previous owner put a beautiful exhaust on it - still one of he best sounding fours I’ve driven.

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Thanks guys!

im the annoying girl who doesn’t like anything that’s common (hence choosing the megane over a WRX for instance) and they grey just seemed to be the colour I was most drawn too!


It is going to be my daily so here’s hoping it’s appropriate for that hahahaha

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Congrats and welcome to the forum. As others have said, lots of good info on the forum and always folks willing to help.

Check out the social threads too if that is of interest as each state has groups that arrange social drives, track days and lots of other events if you wish to catch up with like-minded people who love all things RenaultSport 👍

Nice choice of the lunar grey btw - that colour suits the Meg

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