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Hi, I'm new to OZRS but not new to Renault ownership. Need 172 driver's seat.


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I've owned 4 Fuegos including one that I built as a track-day car with the luxury of roll cage, race seat and 5 point harness.

I currently own an RS225 road car and a 172 which is well on the way to being a very nice track-day car.

What I'm hoping y'all can help me with is a 172 driver's seat with intact airbag which I need in order to make it roadworthy. I'd rather go the whole hog and fit a cage, race seat and harness, but sadly it's not possible to register with those mods and the 225 ain't big enough to tow a car trailer.

I live on the far north coast of NSW.

If someone out there has a seat they don't need, please give me a call on 0407 357 627.

The Recaros in the photo will be up for sale.





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On 25/06/2018 at 9:05 PM, Matt205 said:

Nice car that! . . . .


How would you know? 😁😎 Anyone would think you have had an intimate relationship with it. I see it still has one of your knobs in place. As you say, still looks nice.☺

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