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Hi all

I am returned to the forum with a 2011 RS Megane 250 Cup Trophy.

I previously owned a fabulous RS Clio 197 that I sold after a short ownership for all good and sensible reasons - and instantly regretted it.

So back to the fold with a Glacier white 250 Trophy I purchased in Sydney off eBay.

The car is very neat and clean with 80,000ks and a full dealer history from new with two previous owners. Belts were done 09/2017 (very late!) and 80K service 03/18.

Existing mods were wrapped roof and mirror caps in matte black, gloss black Steevs with Toyo R888s and debadged with plastic covers on the Renault diamond badges.

After driving it back from Sydney I intended to replace the Toyos - too noisy and no good in the wet ; mine will be a tourer and not tracked.

The Roadworthy Certificate examiner accelerated that decision by identifying hairline cracks in the rear tyres on the base between the treads - fail!. I got a set of RE003s  at a really hot price form a local dealer. I kept the Toyos - you never know! He also failed the window tint as too dark so this had to be removed.

I have had some mods done:

Remove wrap and paint roof, mirror caps, door handles, front bumper and rear diffuser gloss black.

Instal Eibach lowering springs

Panel filter

Centre resonator delete.

I was thinking of a tune, turbo back exhaust and induction kit before I had the centre res delete. I am posting separately on the exhaust issue.

So far so good. Love the car. I will post some photos when I get my head around how to do that.




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