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Hello as above I'm English and at the minute I'm traveling through aisa looking for some information regarding track days in Australia as there doesn't seem to be much information online about I should be in Oz by late may . 

I' really like to attend a few of the more famous tracks hile I'm here over the three months I may stay there not that I have a car yet so ill be looking for one would prefer it to be a renault but doesn' have to be . 


At home I drive a self converted forged 225 engined 197 running 297 bhp and 333 lb ft of tourqe when I get back to the UK it'l be upped to around 350-380 bhp when I find a clutch that can take the punishment. I also have a mk1 clio "valver" in a million pieces with a turbo 172/197 hybrid  engine ready to go in after its been painted .


I' love to know of any other events that would be worth attending while I'm there 


Many thanks Paul 






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Hi Paul, and welcome in advance.

Check out the relevant threads in the forum for details of track days in the various states. You'll also need a CAMS licence and membership of a CAMS approved club.

The MSCA days in Vic are some of the best organised, and they host events at Sandown, Winton and Phillip Island.  

You'll find loads of help on here. I've found the group to be the best, most knowledgeable and most approachable of any marque specific forum I've been part of.  If there is an answer, someone here will know it, including sourcing a car (I have heard of people even renting a cliosport from Hertz - just don't leave your helmet in the boot by mistake :o )  

If I can offer any of my limited knowledge or help, feel free to ask.

Good luck and enjoy your stay.  Ian

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Eastern Creek as it used to be known, more famous for GP Bikes. They do track days they don't need licenses or insurance separate from the entry fee.

Bathurst is a public road normally so you can just drive around it, beware though the Police see it as a very lucrative source of revenue



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Welcome and there is plenty to do - looks like you will be based in Melbourne so Philip Island would be #1 but  track days there are often quite expensive and you would want to do one earlier as the weather there can be challenging, There are a few other tracks in Victoria  (Winton, Sandown, Haunted Hills) and only a few hours from Melbourne, anything else (SMSP, Wakefield etc.) will be a decent drive.

If you pick up a Renault, you may find the prices of some cars here higher than you might expect and moving one on when you leave isn't always a fast process unless it is priced very well.

Any idea what sort of car you will be looking for? 


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