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RS 265 Sport Mode


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Hi Guys,

I got a funny one i noticed recently.

I have had the RS 265 for approx 8 months now and don't drive it in sports mode - only once and a while to give it a squirt.
I noticed in Normal mode you can rev it high and it's  happy, fine, beeps and shift light come on to changes gears etc.
In sports mode with Traction control off (The fun Button) when i rev it high it tends to choke and choke and is not as smooth between gear changes.

Any one else having this issue or heard of this? I originally thought it was bad fuel or because is wasn't a cold night.

It isn't due for a service for a while but maybe it plugs and leads? but if so, why doesn't it happen in normal mode also? 
Occasionally it also backfires in normal mode but that's because of bad fuel?  

Any suggestions or advise would be super!

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So after many months of trying different things and speaking to my mechanic.
He got me to try another bottle of Injector cleaner on a full tank of 98 octane.
Even after tried two other brands and a octane boost it's been fixed and no longer jerks and coughs at high rpm.

I think it was shit fuel from a road trip in the country i took a while back. 


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