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Need help


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Hi everyone. 

I have purchased a 2013 megane rs265 rb8 from the dealer 2 weeks ago and has been an absolutely awesome car to drive especially after i found out it had a miltek exhaust from the previous owner. 

Just yesterday I started to hear some whining noise from near the pulleys, very light. Is this normal?

Also, i can hear a little pinging as i strecth out the gears. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. 




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Was this the one in Wollongong?

Either way, maybe take it back to the dealer; though if they're not Renault dealers (and even if they are) they've probably got no idea. There are recommended mechanics in Sydney and Melbourne, I'd suggest doing this before the 3 month dealer warranty expires regardless.


Also I've no idea what those noises are, so if you're nearby you're welcome to drive mine and see if it's the same

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Thanks mate. I have got in touch with Renault essendon who are hopeless and kept referring me back to the holden dealer i bought it from. 

I have just booked it in at Renault in Bundoora on the 16th march. Seems a lot more promising. Still got manufacturer warranty so hopefully should be good.

Would be great if i could grab the names of those mechanics in melbourne aswell. 



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That's awesome that it still has manufacturer warranty! You got a similar bonus to me; I've got a 2013 trophy+ with two years' warranty left

Virage Motors
17-19 York St, South Melbourne VIC 3205
(03) 9690 4283

Alpine Affaire
16 Pilgrim Ct, Ringwood VIC 3134
(03) 9874 1394

... And one other one, sorry just going by memory. I'll have to leave the rest up to other forum members. If I remember I'll post it up.

Good luck and enjoy the car!

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