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I was a member some years back when I was competing at QR/Lakeside In an R26F1- its good be a Renault owner again!

A month ago I purchased an RS250 Trophy that has been mapped/Decat etc - I was driving up the Bruce Hwy and Check Anti Pollution light comes up

Any Ideas ?

Also anyone know a mechanic that can check the diagnostics on around Northlakes that won't stitch me and that has actually worked on Renaults before.



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Disabling Cat errors is typically included in stage 2 tunes. Most stage 1 tunes don't include this feature.


Usually it doesn't present a problem, but occasionally on long freeway drives the error can occur. Clear it and you should be fine until the next long freeway drive.


Otherwise you should visit the tuner who did the tune and ask for the Cat diagnostics to be disabled. This can be done without having to change the rest of your tune.



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Thanks for the reply

I did hook up a diagnostic tool to it and it gave me an error that points to an oxygen sensor not sure if its pre or post - but it could answer other issues of 'rich fuel smell' , ordinary fuel consumption (based on my previous R26) and not being nice when cold

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