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Former Volkswagenist, branching out


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Hello team, 

My name is Matt and I live in Melbourne. I've mostly been driving Volkswagens (I am on VWWatercooled) but have recently bought an old Civic to fix up and moved into a new job. A Colleague has a Megane II and after a few drives I was really impressed. The plan is to purchase the car as soon as they figure out the car they want to replace it with.

This is a great looking forum you've got. Looking forward to learning more and hopefully becoming a Renault owner soon.

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I feel fortunate that they like the car a lot, but want something a little different again, with 4 doors. Lucky to hopefully be able to get it soon (fingers crossed).

It's just a far more interesting car than the equivalent GTI Golf. Tons more character, more power, and better brakes and handling.

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15 hours ago, domgolfgti said:

I switched over a few years ago. You won't look back mate 

I think you're right. I have had them since my first car, however it's nice to try new things. I just got rid of my '76 Swallowtail on the weekend actually. Sad to see that go after so long but no progress was made, and it'll be worked on now at least.

Do Victorian Renault owners get together for a catch up semi-regularly?

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