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OK, no-one's piped up from the Clio 4 brigade so I'll give it a shot.

"Best" depends on what you need. Proper motorsport tyres like Yokohama A050s or Dunlop DZ03Gs will be very expensive and might not last as long as you'd like. For most of us "best" means bang for the buck and there are any number of road/track tyres like Yokohama ADO8Rs or Hankook RS3s that'll be just the thing, depending on your budget. I'm sure there are some forum members that can offer their specific recommendations.

If you're getting another set of wheels for track days, I reckon the smart money's on going down to 17s. Cheaper tyres and less unsprung weight. Plenty big enough for a Clio 4 I'd have thought. 

Btw this thread should probably be in the Clio IV section of the forum 

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I’ve been running Kumho Ecsta V720s on my Clio 3, replacing a set of Federal FZ-201s. Basically, I wanted a set ofwheels/ tyres that I could fit at home at my leisure, drive to the track, drop the pressures and do a track day, then pump them back up and drive home. It was a choice between the Kumhos and Hankook RS3s; ultimately, I bought on price and am very happy with the result. Not quite as much ultimate track grip as the Federals...but sufficient for my level of talent!

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