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Hello with 2007 Megane Sport 225 Cup


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A long search for a fun car is over thanks to Tim from whom I bought 'Uma' a couple of weeks ago.

About to tick over 90K km and very well looked after by previous owners, including rebuilt suspension and steering (Renotech).

So much fun to drive my wife on the way home from purchase from the far south coast on the twisty parts said I was grinning like an idiot.

It came with some mods

Quaife LSD
Cook Sport Springs
Short shift gear selector
Lightweight flywheel
Fastchip Stage 1 Remap
New clutch
4 new Pilot Sport 4s

Now it has to have an exhaust to make it sound fast(er) - has anyone bought the K-TEC 3 inch cat back or is the Milltek OK? Is there much difference with a turbo back (high fow cat)?

And maybe an intake. Again any recommendations?

The standard stereo needs to go as I'm old and listen to AM - there seems to be a UK mob on eBay that sells all the bits including the steering wheel controller. Anyone done this?



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Oh no I've posted this too man times, upon submitting the site kept saying 'can't handle request'.

So sorry and I hope a moderator deletes 7 of these!

Looks like the other noob with the blue 250 did the same...

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Exhausts - here are your options for noise:
- Cut the back-box out if you haven't already (you get to keep the whistle and get a nice deep sound with some pops and bangs) - cheapest option
- Milltek - good compromise between nice sound and not attracting unwanted attention
- Ktec 3" - have not heard in person but others have it and swear by it - note the system is made by Piper
- Ktec 2.75" - is the Milltek system with a smaller muffler, loudest of the lot. I have this, sounds beans but is quite loud in the car on overrun

For performance you will definitely want a turbo-back, pricy though.

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Thanks for the welcomes and advice!

Renotech did the 90K km service today and and gave me quite a bit of history about the car and apparently there is a thread on here about the mods that I will have to track down. Julian and Miles are great. Drove back home on the old Pacific Highway for the joy.

I think to properly help drain the bank balance I'll have to go from turbo back exhaust after holding the 3inch down pipe with sports cat. A big job to get the old one out! Maybe in time for the next service in 6 months. Now to searching these threads for head unit and speaker options.

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