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A Tool Librabry In Sydney?


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Does anyone know of a tool library or something similar to Autozone in the states where you hand over a deposit, grab the tools you need and return it for you deposit back...


I'm after things like a large breaker bar, torque wrench, puller, over sized sockets. Cheap enough to buy I know, but really a waste for a once off job.

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Probably enough of us here with stuff they could lend out if you ask nicely!


Well no harm in giving that a go - Doing rear hubs so if anyone want to be particularly nice I'm after a long breaker bar, a 30mm socket and a suitable torque wrench to tighten it back up to 175mn.


I'm in Haberfield and happy to pick up/drop off same day or if anyone is keen to help I'd be very appreciative!

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Torque wrenches are cheap (<$50 including postage) and worth getting just for your wheel nuts.




This looks exactly the same as a Kinchrome one I purchased a couple of years ago for over $100.

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shhhhhh!! Don't let these guys know that...




I a torque wrench i got from Aldi for $25 and it has served me well for the last 2yrs.

I even had a $300~ odd one that i used straight after mine and both were spot on.






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