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Gear Selector Cover Removal?


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Hi everyone, as the title

I'm having trouble with getting the cover out, been to some forums and looked up on google and youtube but still have no clue.

My car is Renault Koleos 2014.

It is not Renault sport but hopefully there is anyone can help me out.


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I see--thought you meant gear knob

Not sure TBH,but you can do a search  or sometimes phone the spare parts guys at dealership--they will have an exploded view and can warn about hidden clips or screws

Dont force it with a screw driver !

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I would imagine there's a heap of little clips under there. If you feel along where the trim meets the base is there a small cutout somewhere? This is what normally signifies the spot to pry at.


Does this trim actually have some movement separate to the rest? May be one big piece that's just been painted separately (unlikely but possible).


A plastic trim removal tool will be better than a screwdriver as less chance of damaging things. Can get them for not too much at sca, autobarn etc. I think even bunnings have a set.


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