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New To The Rs World


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Hi everyone,


I'm looking to get into the RS world soon, whether that's a Clio 200 (manual) or Megane 250 \ 265 and yes I do realise they are two different beasts.


Of late i've driven a RS265 Redbull edition and RS250 Cup which i was both very impressed with. The French quirkiness is there but it gives the cars character.


Just missed out the opportunity to purchase a 1 owner 172 which would of been a great introductory to the RS world. I've always thought the 182 are great looking as well.


Not sure if the owner of a black 182 Clio is on here, plate - dbk03e.. it looks Mint !! :)


Anyway, hope to learn more from the forums here.








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Welcome! Different beasts yes but both focus on driver engagement, so I see where you're coming from.


I think the consensus is that the Clio may be a bit more fun and the Megane is more of a weapon. If that makes sense. Been able to drive any? If you're anywhere near the Illawarra, feel free to visit me and drive my Megane. I will particularly enjoy it as I haven't been able to drive it for about 4 weeks due to injury.


I had a choice between the two and I chose the Megane because it was spacious enough to accommodate the kids in the rear (I know you can put baby seats in the Clio but it would be more claustrophobic) and I love the look of the Megane. I also love warranty so the last built manual Clios didn't have much warranty left.


If it's budget you're after you can get an awesome Clio III for a very good price.

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I think the consensus is that the Clio may be a bit more fun and the Megane is more of a weapon.



Judging from the last drive day, both are awesome with limits far above anything legal or sensible on public roads. It comes down to wanting something small and normally-aspirated, or a bit bigger and turbo-charged.


If you want to do some track and need speed, get the RSM. Some crazy fast there.

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Hi Dave 200,


Current car is a Mk6 GTI, previously rides includes bmw e30 (cruiser), '05 WRX and GC8 subaru RX


When i test drove the Megane RS the other day i was very impressed. It offers cornering that i wouldn't dare attempt in my GTI.

However i don't mind n/a cars and i do get the huge following the Clio has, therefore keen to check it out also.

Thanks for the link apple3337, i'll be sure to check it out.

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