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Hello From A Noob!


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I'm 35 and live in Sydney's Inner West. I own a 2012 RS250 Cup and I've had it for a while.


I've been reading posts on this forum for ages and felt it would be great to join.


I'll be entering a few amateur races this year once I've got a major service out of the road.


Anyhow, I look forward to some fun banter and sharing/helping when I can.



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Welcome mate! 


What "amateur races" are you planning on entering?

Hey - Thanks!


Looking at the Festival of Sporting Cars as it was recommended from a friend.


I may participate in the March meet but just realised I may need to do timing belt and a few other things before the meet so not sure.


From what I understand total cost for the day is about $300.00.


This apparently includes license but I'm not sure as I need to clarify this...

Thanks for the update, I



join the upcoming track day 1st march we got coming up!

Thanks for the update, I'll have a look.

Looking forward to some action cam footage!


That red looks sweet! 

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Thanks, the missus required it to match with the brakes and seat belts. A requirement I was happy to meet [emoji4]

Did someone say BREMBO! 

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Welcome! Any pics of your RSM250?

I think the photos must be pending approval or something... As I uploaded them to the album.
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