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Hi, I've been lurking around for a while, as I tried to resist the idea of buying a Clio Sport Cup. I'd like to thank everyone for sharing their experience and wisdom because..well..yes...I finally bit the bullet, and purchased a 2011 Clio Sport 200 Cup Trophee.


This is a third car for us (well, me -- SWMBO will keep well away, I reckon...especially if she rides in it!!) so is purely a toy. I've previously had a range of cars for motor sport, going back to a MkII Cooper S, a Jackson built Datto 1600 rally car and, more recently, RX-8, Polo GTI, Audi S3, M135i among many.


Yep, I'm old enough to know better, but lessons are repeated until learned, so here I am, looking forward to learning more about this feisty little motor.

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Congrats! Didn't happen to be the silver one from the ACT did it?

Sure was, Adam. Easiest for me as I'm in Canberra. It's a lovely car, well-maintained....and the Akra is addictive

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