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General Advice Requires And Looking For Sa Owners


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Hi - I am considering the purchase of a 2007 Megane RS225 thats for sale local to me:


This car:




I have been in Adelaide for a year now and think its about time i purchased something to explore some of the great driving roads here, in the hills...

Back in the UK i owned a Phase 2 RS172 and a Phase 2 RS172 Cup, so i am aware how much fun the RS cars can be. The problem is, back in the UK my brother was a service manager at my local Renault dealership and so maintenance and parts supply/cost was negligible.


However, here in AU and especially SA, i fear that finding a good service specialist and parts supplier might be very difficult? And whilst the car in the advert appears to be very well serviced and have the (better quality) 2006+ Updates. It will still inevitably require things like - Clutch/exhaust/xenon bulb etc.


Are there any owners here in SA (Adelaide region) that can recommend somewhere that cal look after (and tune) these cars?

Is there much in the way of a scene locally with meets/drives/shows etc?


Random question - Do all RS225's here in AU come fitted with 17" wheels and not 18" wheels? As the car in the advert appears to be fitted with 17" RS197 Clio wheels??


Anyways - Hello everyone, i look forward to hopefully becoming an active member of the forum.


Here are a few pics of my previous RS cars... 







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That's a nice tidy looking 225. Has it got the cup chassis?


Nice Clios as well mate, welcome to the forum and good luck with purchasing yourself another Renault Sport.


I'll let the technical questions be handled by someone more in the know.

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Hi SBWL & Mase.... Thanks for the replies.


I dont think it has the cup chassis - I am guessing 18" wheels would have come with that pack and it doesn't have grey mirrors (Did AU cup cars come with grey mirrors)?

But it does have the 2006 updates which i believe improved the chassis (as well as other stuff) so the gulf between non cup & cup isn't as notable.


Mase, i will head into my Inbox and respond to you...


Regards, Richard.

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