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I am back after a almost 2 year break after selling my Clio R27.


This time with a RS 265 Trophee + and I couldn't be happier.  :hyper:  :hyper:  :hyper:   The moment I took off in the test drive is like something so familar and I instantly addicted to the car. 


Look forward to future meet ups and learning more about this model.

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Hi all,
Putting up two photoshop images the first stock and second of the vinyl wrap which I am planning to get done.  The image shows high gloss black but I am rather considering a carbon fibre wrap instead of black.
Would be interested to hear preferences from others...



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Hey kooki, nice choice, good to see u bck in an RS, i reckon just the roof in gloss black... My 2cnts



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Plus 1 roof only not the side trims. Plus 1 gloss black. Everyone does the carbon wrap, although it, too, would look pretty good!

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Agree on the gloss, and just the roof. I was looking for a Lunar Grey example when I was shopping for an RS and was considering doing a gloss roof, couldn't find any pics of this combo to see what it would look like but think it would be awesome in the flesh.


Do the roof rails too if you must but I'd personally avoid the lower side sections.


Post some pics when done huh?

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