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Servicing Costs- Clio 182- Whats Your Experience?


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New to owning a clio 182 and wondering what some of the key servicing (non-dealer) costs are like for most people?


In particular:


1. Timing belt (inc water pump, auxiliary belt and harmonic pulley)

2. Major service/ minor service

3. Brake pads and discs 


Thanks in advance- and apologies if I have missed any similar forum threads... I did try looking :wink:

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Hi, i own a 182 cup . Iv owned it for the past 2 year and servicing costs are average id say. Timing belt cost me $1100 but had it done at a renault dealer . Brakes are cheap i use rda rotors amd ebc red stuff pads which cost around $110 for rotors and $150 for pads rears are cheap $45 for pads . Iv had it on the track 4 times ajd have performed flawlessly . Tyers are Cheap cause 16 Inch . I run hankook venrus rs3 which are approx $170 per tyre.


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Minor service is around $110 as i service it at home.


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Thanks for this Krishna... its always hard to know.  From reading the forums it sounds like a fair few people do work themselves on these... though I gather in general most people get the timing belt done professionally.


I have just requested some quotes on some of this work, so will see what comes back and post it up here!

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This guy checked out a Clio for me last year. Seems to know what he's talking about. The Perth members will know more about him. Could be an option for timing belt change.


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Which dealer in Vic did your belt for 1100 krishna?--I have been quoted at 1500 up ( for both belts )


There are good independent Renault mechanics around who will do it way cheaper than a dealer.

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Hi Guys,


Thanks for all the responses.  I have now had a few quotes back and have to say a bit surprised by the price variations (maybe its a Perth thing?)....  Also got some dealer pricing.


In summary (I hope its OK to post these), as far as I can tell these are replacing the same items and using genuine or comparable parts:


1.Timing belt- $1,100 through to $1,600 (as far as I can tell using the same parts).  Dealer was $1,600

2. Major service- $500 through to $780.  Dealer was $1033

3. Brake pads and discs (including the bearing)- $550-$750.  Dealer was $829.


One of the things that surprises me a bit is the variation in the overall price for what seems to be the same work.  From around $2,150 all up to around $3,460 (dealer)... it seems like a big difference!


So all in all around the prices that most of you seem to be suggesting... not sure how this compares to others in WA.... or even nationally???

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I'd imagine the dealing is always going to be higher. The lower ends of your scale seem about right for Melbourne pricing at an independent. You can improve on some of this by sourcing the parts yourself. 


Quite a mix of cars you have there BTW. :)

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Thanks R182! Yeah don't get my wife started on the cars... sadly most of them are not on the road at the same time... used to have another 3 until a few years ago.... but always wanted a Clio Sport 182, so very glad to join the club and looking forward to learning more about them and driving it a bit more (and not having it at the mechanics!)  

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Hi Davros,


Steve from WA Euro - Mobile Mechanic here. (previously Eurotec)


Not sure if i was on your list of Renault specialists that you checked out in your timing belt research but when comparing prices, you should consider that not all belt quotes are created equal. There are several factors to consider....

Genuine/non genuine parts

Whether they are quoting for cambelt, cambelt kit, or cambelt plus aux belt kit or cambelt kit plus aux belt kit plus water pump plus coolant plus crank pulley etc.etc.

Knowledge and experience of the mechanic

and if it's a workshop...are you going to have a qualified tech, or an apprentice working on the car???


Personally, i prefer to advise the owner of the worst case scenario and quote for all the parts that should be changed. and obviously, you can't compare this quote to someone who is using an apprentice to change out only the timing belt kit.

I also use a belt kit with idler pulleys made from metal (not the failure prone plastic ones renault use!)

and the fact remains, that to purchase ONLY the timing belt kit, water pump, coolant and auxiliary belt kit, that would be your $1100 spent there, so if someone is quoting you that price......they are not even close to quoting the complete job.

Also, most garages will quote you for an $1100 belt change and then once the car is in pieces in their workshop, they will tell you that it needs all the other stuff anyway, charge you more (because you have no choice once your car is dismantled) and you will have to wait another 2 days to get your car back.


Hope this makes sense and doesn't sound like a rant. I just feel people quoting cheap prices isn't constructive. It's like comparing Ultratune $cheap services to a specialist. There is no comparison because they are not the same in any way.


Anyway..... Give me a call or email if you would like to discuss details, prices or just for advice.


Thanks Steve

0449 000 660



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