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Hi All,


Long time lurker, first time poster.  I'm Nick from Brisbane and have got a 2012 RS250 that I purchased back in Sep/ Oct last year.  When I was originally looking for a 250 there weren't too many in QLD so this guy comes from a dealer down Essendon way in Victoria. 


So far so good, but the biggest problem for me has been readjusting back to a 2 door coupe from a 4 door sedan.  I'm one of those people that just loves to throw crap into the backseats.... not so easy now haha. 


Anyway site looks good, people are friendly and advice seems to be top notch so I am looking forward to hanging around here. 










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Hi Nick,


Welcome to the forum.  Great to see another Brissy member.  Terrific colour the red.  Hopefully we will catch you on a drive day sometime.  


Have you had sports type cars before?  Be good to get your impressions of the RS compared to others if its your first RS.

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Thanks for the welcome guys.  In answer to your questions:


Numbnut - I'm not entirely sure yet.  When I originally received the car I wasn't too fond of the black mags however they have really grown on me over the last few months so don't think I will be swapping them out after all.  If I do anything, I think a stereo upgrade will be the first point of call.


No152 - Yeah I'll definitely keep my eyes out for the next member drive day, I'd be interested in coming along.  Prior to the RS I actually had a 2009 WRX, so the RS isn't my first foray into the world of sports cars.  For me, the biggest difference between the two would be when the turbo kicks in.  In the WRX it was dramatic and noticeable once you got to about 3000/ 3500 RPM but in the RS not so much, to me it feels a lot smoother, almost like the power is available a lot earlier on.  I haven't taken either on a track so can't attest too much to the handling, but from purely a road experience, the RS also feels like it has a better grip on the road.             

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Welcome mate!


I used to own an RS250 Cup and loved every moment of it. Keep the wheels the 18" that came in the RS250 is probably one of the most sought after and it never got released in the 265 or 275.

they only weigh 11kg and are a great ride when fitted to some decent rubber.


welcome again and always good to see another QLD member, I think we are closing the gap in terms of members when compared to the southern states :D

hopefully enough to entice some of their better mechanics *cough* RenaultTech *cough* to maybe open a branch here? :P






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