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New Member, Renault Virgin Still Trying To Find My Car.


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Hey all.


Just thought I should day hi. I have just become a member of this forum as I try to find my next car.


I have pretty much always been a Subaru guy, but have just recently sold my liberty and looking for a hot hatch.


Specifically I'm trying to find a neat Megane sport cup 225 with 5 doors.

So of you know of any in Vic or Tas region link it up!.


I have posted in the wanted section on here as well. So hopefully I can find something soon.


Cheers all.

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Welcome Nige82,


You've come to the right place and you're about to get the best Renault of them all, the 225. But then again I am biased  :wink:


I too came from the Subaru marque to a Renault. You'll find the whole driving experience more rewarding with the added bonus of the calibre of people within these forums.



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Cheers guys.

Yeah owned just about every Subaru, Forester XT, bug eye WRX, classic GC8. Liberty H6.... and so on.

Decided that i wanted something small and funky with some get up and go, but not your common hatch. Wifes car is the main driver (being diesel is good too). I only drive 3-4 days a week so fun is a must. 


All my research seems to indicate that they have only a few issues and very reliable. With two small kids these days I don't have time to be fixing broken stuff every second weekend!


The hunt continues....

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Congrats on the change, I am same, came off 3 subarus to find a RS265.


Won't be going back to Subaru unless I find a cheap 22B. But then again who wouldn't :)


Enjoy the hunt, from the day of the capture onwards, you'll know you've made the right choice :)



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Yeah mate, that's the one.I saw it when it was first listed but it was well out of my price range then, I hadn't seen it since he dropped the price though.


Will need rear disks replaced soonish, but aside from that all pretty sound. Bone stock too which is nice. I don't really want a project car at the moment, just something I can enjoy!

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