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Getting Into An Rs


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Hi guys!

Have been prowling the forum for a while and I think its time to join the RS club.

I have had some fun cars in the past Evo's, Skylines etc.. I'm currently driving something way too sensible (Jetta), but now Im looking at getting a RS250 Trophee, have found one  at a good price in Sydney. As I will be in Sydney soon so I'm going to have a look at it. From carsales, here: http://www.carsales.com.au/dealer/details/_/OAG-AD-10673676

Its got a few km's but if it has been looked after I figure it's a good price, and it leaves money for mods and good tires too.

Let me know if you have any advice or know a mechanic near Gordon that would have a look at it for me.

Failing that I will keep my eyes peeled on the forum for cars for sale.




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+1 for Renotech, not too far from Gordon.


Welcome, good luck with the search!

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Thanks for the help guys, contacted Julian and he was very helpful and willing to have a look at the car for me.

however, the car ended up selling before I could see it. So the hunt continues, will keep you posted......

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