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Newbie Looking At Rs Trophy+ Sydney


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Hi all!!


Thought I'd introduce myself and say hello.


Currently drive a 2011 Mazda 3 MPS but need something different. I stumbled across a 2012 RS Trophy + at a dealership. I was originally there for a golf GTI. 


I've know about the Megane for some time but never really considered them as I didn't know much about them but when i saw this car, I was like YEAH!!


I test drive on Sunday and hopefully it drives like i think it does. Compared to my MPS the interior is so luxurious in my eyes. I'll search the forums but anything I should particularly look or listen for? 


Weak points, strong points?


I really love how it looks!!


Car I'm looking at has 19 xxx km and in the white. What was the original warranty offered on these models?


Thanks guys, super excited and can't wait til Sunday!!

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Very excited for you. I've had a Mazda 3 in the past and loved it, and a friend had an MPS and he loved it, though I do also feel the RS is more special!

I am not very helpful unfortunately when it comes to mechanics, I'd just get someone to check it over (mechanic friend or NRMA etc), and look through the forum section on Megane III technical, and there is a thread on "checklist for dealer handover" in the FAQ section - I can't paste into this browser for some reason! Sorry. There's a thread on "helping a friend buy a 250" which contains a lot of helpful info from forum members who know a hell of a lot more about that stuff than me.

The original warranty on 2012 was 3 yrs, so not sure if it has anything left on it.

Just ensure that it is 2012 built and not just a complied 2011. That's probably the best advice I can give!!

Otherwise, enjoy! I love mine to bits. I hope there are many joyful driving years with the RS ahead. Very happy for you. Don't forget to look out for drive days to meet up with a bunch of awesome Renault freaks. I've only been on one and enjoyed it so much.


I'll try and paste some links when I am in a different browser or on tapatalk

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Excellent, appreciate the feedback guys! So am I right in saying that the megane rs doesn't use 265 hp until you press a button?


And how stiff is the suspension to live with? I'm coming from an MPS and that's fairly hard ride.

Yes the sports button changes the exhaust note and the throttle response is sharper. And for some reason adds 10hp. And it reduces the esp input. You press it once more and it goes into race mode with esp off. I haven't been on the track so I haven't tried that one yet! It's down to the right of the steering wheel, where you may have the headlight adjustment (I wouldn't know about that as mine are self levelling) and the dash brightness control. It's just under the rhs air vent. Definitely press it once when you test drive.

Depending on the model you can adjust the throttle manually. On mine you can't (trophy+with sat nav).

As for the ride I had a Laguna in the past, then a Mazda 3 and a Skoda superb. I've felt bumps in my local roads I never knew existed.

The main issue people have with it is the fact that you can't avoid creaks and rattles. Mine's holding up well though after 10000km.

It also depends on the wheels. It comes with either 18 or 19 inch wheels. I have the 19s, the 18s are supposed to be much more comfortable.


As for other advice to check things i remember people saying: obviously check the tyre tread (they are expensive and you can argue to pay less if there's not much left) and the tyre brand - if it has chapter substitutes from the OEM brand then another reason to pay less. Check out the "tyre wear and tear" thread. Look at the discs, as if there's lipping on the edge they may need replacing soon. Also check exactly which model it is. The model range was a little stupidly confusing. From memory there was the limited edition (no LSD and 36K driveaway brand new), cup, cup +, trophy, trophy +, and some other ones. Each has different options and is worth varying amounts.

Be prepared to walk away too! Make sure you look up the redbook value of the exact model and year before you go in tomorrow.

Don't be afraid to have a look at the private cars for sale in this forum (classifieds section). The people here are fanatics and have well taken care of cars. Of course you still need to do all the revs checks etc because you can't trust anyone.

You can also get the vin and call up Renault Australia to see if they can tell you any history they're aware of.

And in case not already mentioned go through the log book in detail.

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Just to throw a spanner in the works. Also take a look at the Clio 3, 2008 to 2013. A totally different car compared to the Meg, but it's a cracking hot hatch if NA is your thing.

See my website below for all the info you will need.

Good luck with your decision. Either way you can't go wrong!

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Hi Mate,


If you are wanting to buy an RS 265 I would check out some of the member rides being sold in the FOR SALE section.


check out this one which is a real special edition http://ozrenaultsport.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/24180-vic-2013-megane-rs265-808-97/

2013 model Pearl White instead of the flat non metallic glacier white and its an 808! which means you get the leather Recaro options.


Benefits of buying from a member is that it will be VERY well looked after and have a proven history and its a 2013 model which means its still has the remainder of the factory 5yr warranty!

I'm not the one selling this car nor do I have any affiliation with the seller but if it was me I would seriously consider buying a car from a fellow enthusiast as it means you have not only good history but if there were any warranty items he would have taken care of them and servicing history is VERY detailed and thorough just by reading the thread.


Don't be scared to look interstate as there are bargains to be had.

Going by the ad that dealership really don't understand the car as they mention a couple of incorrect things.


If you still are considering this car i would DEFINITELY get RenoTech to go over it for you as they are the premier Renault Specialists in NSW and know their cars.

Also consider writing down the VIN of the vehicle and call your local Renault dealer or Renault Australia and ask for a history so that you know what has been done to the vehicle.



I hope that helps and Welcome mate! :D





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Plus 1 on Sam's suggestion. Folks on this forum are helpful and friendly and want to read about the next chapter of their car being loved by the next enthusiast.


Some very nice cars for the right money on sale here.


Good luck with your decision you will love the Meg... Or a Clio RS... Cracking cars!!!!

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Agreed with regards to the 8:08 but I'm sure it won't have a 5 year warranty. May have around a year left. The one you're looking at may not have any warranty left.

But for 20000km the one you're looking at seems to be good value, if it is actually a 2012 build.

I have a trophy+ and I love it, it has all the options except for recaros, which I think are not as comfortable as the trophy+ seats.

The 8:08 has directional bixenon lights which are awesome. So it depends on the seats really. And the abovementioned 8:08 has the chip which will add to the experience, and very new very good tyres (at least $350 per tyre) and new brakes. And is a limited edition.

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Didn't even get to drive the car today, went there and the dealer was a complete dick. He was too worried about my finances even though money was ready. I've read a review about the dealer and they seem to have an issue with customer service.  


Car looked mint but wasn't going to hand over my money to a  rude arrogant dealer........1 hour drive just to get there to be spoken to like a dumb prick. Oh well there loss...buyer's market!

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A few forum members have very nice Megs for sale right now.  May I suggest you PM a couple of them and have a look.  I can assure you they will not be arrogant and hard to deal with...


You will likely get a better car for the same of maybe less money than the dealer will charge too.  Win-win...


Sorry to hear about the experience with the dealer.  I agree, and have also walked away from dealers with that kind of attitude.

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