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New-Ish Rs265...


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Hi all


I've had my RS for a few months now (took delivery in March) and just had my first 10,000k service last week.


So far so good, no problems or faults, apart from a front shock which was replaced before delivery. Oh and the stereo - which I think we all know is sh!t.


I was tossing up whether or not to fit a different exhaust system as the factory unit seemed a little lifeless... but things in that area seem to freeing up a bit more as the k's increase.


Anyway, just thought I'd stop by to add myself to the list of RS owners on the streets these days :headbang:



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If you just want a little more noise with a lot more pop and bangs get the middle resonator deleted - shouldn't cost more than $100





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Welcome and congrats mate. What colour and spec did you get?

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Welcome along mate and very nice looking car. I bet the 458 owner was jealous he wasn't getting the 265 :yes:


The centre res chop and muffler replacement is a definate mod and noone that has done it has complained. Sounds heaps better.

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