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New 265 In The Redlands Qld


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Hi Guys, although I've posted a few times in other sections of the forum I omitted to introduce myself here. I have a brand new RS265 Cup in Oyster Grey with the 19inc Steeve wheels.


I saw from another post there is an all French day coming up soon meeting at the Catlex on Wynnum Road. Is there a club I can join in Brisbane to find out about these events.


Any way I'm loving my Renault Sport and have turned my back on the dinosaur Aussie V8s forever.






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Ditto welcome to the forum. Hopefully you can join us some time for a drive day. Love the grey!!!

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Hi Tony,


I will keep an eye out for you.  Hopefully will have both RS cars there, so the white and the LY will be out for a run...

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Excellent - can't wait to see the world's most pampered Clio 200 with the baby seat (and possibly projectile vomit stains) on board.  The little one's first French car day - first of many I am certain....  :D


In the future it will have the booster seat, and crayons and assorted "collectibles" on board.  Even better!!


Look forward to meeting you Trent  Hopefully will see you Sunday.

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