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New Forum, new ways to make donation and support the forum. 


In the side bar there is a Donations section (need to go to forum main page).


Alternatively you can buy the OzRenaultSport Supporter 2015 pack from the store.



You'll get a 2015 logo under your avatar(see mine to the left), plus other features yet to be implemented.


Also coming soon to the store are stickers, cards, plus more!

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Logo looks so good it convinced me to make a donation last night. Thanks for the effort in updating the sight interface, I am gradually getting my head around the new bits.          :yes:     Wouldn't mind a sticker for the car if available and I can find out how to get it.     :D

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Hey Bremund I used the old address for PayPal and directly transferred without using the given link because it was through Tapatalk.


Please let me know if this is still active or if you have changed the PayPal with the website update, so I can cancel and re divert the payment if needed.



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There are better trains than Tangaras? Haven't caught the train in years and what I could remember were the silver ones, old school retired red rattlers and Tangaras.

Two more types I think? The millennium train (Olympics era) and the Waratahs (latest one).


Thanks for the quick addition of the supporter label guys!!

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